Variation1T copy 7Guest Post Ideas

If you’d like to Guest Blog for Lore Lush Books, below is a list of approved guest blog ideas. Feel free to submit your own topic, however please email your topic to us for approval. Use this form to sign up.

  1. Tips on writing Romance
  2. How to write Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/YA Fantasy, etc.
  3. Creating a strong female character
  4. Creating an alpha hero
  5. World building
  6. Creating the anti-hero
  7. Creating the villain
  8. Using humor
  9. Writing Sex Scenes
  10. Weapon use in writing
  11. Crafting Fight Scenes
  12. How to self-publish
  13. Promoting your book (What you did/ Suggest others do/Wish you’d done differently)
  14. Naming your Characters
  15. A Day in the Life
  16. How to get an Agent
  17. How to find a publicist
  18. How to find a publisher
  19. How to get book reviews
  20. Book Review Etiquette
  21. Which Book Conferences/Conventions Do you recommend
  22. What to do at a book conference
  23. Favorite parts of a book convention
  24. What would your ideal book convention look like
  25. How to option your book for screen
  26. Editing your book
  27. How to write a query letter
  28. How to write a synopsis
  29. How to get a critique
  30. Getting a Beta Read
  31. Finding the right POV
  32. Inspiration for your book
  33. Making your characters believable
  34. Creating Tension
  35. How to Hook your reader
  36. Plotter, Pantser, or somewhere in between
  37. Writing Under Deadline
  38. Horror Story
  39. Authors I Admire
  40. Favorite Authors
  41. Favorite Book(s)
  42. Favorite Series
  43. Favorite Heroines
  44. Favorite Heroes
  45. My Book Boyfriend (girlfriend)
  46. A day in the life of one of your characters
  47. Choosing your setting
  48. How to find writing workshops (suggestions for some)
  49. Writing Competition
  50. Social Networking Tips
  51. Getting the perfect book cover (why they are so important)
  52. My road to Publishing
  53. Being a Hybrid Author
  54. Getting to the HEA
  55. Danger! Danger! Putting your characters through the ringer
  56. Creating a subplot
  57. Marketing yourself/books
  58. Writing for an anthology
  59. Descriptive Writing (Character appearance, setting, emotions, etc)
  60. Finding your unique voice
  61. That’s what she said (best or worst writing advice you’ve been given)
  62. Making your own Marketing Materials
  63. How to host a giveaway
  64. How to get more followers
  65. Interacting with fans/readers
  66. Interview Tips
  67. 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before
  68. How to Find Book Bloggers
  69. Virtual Book Tours
  70. How to Avoid the Slush Pile
  71. 5 Things you didn’t know about me
  72. Getting a personal Assistant