Resurrection of Artemis

 by Izzy Szyn 


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Once known as the infamous hacker Artemis, Amy Wilson now works in a coffee shop. With only months until the end of her probation from working in the technological industry that she loves, Amy is determined to keep Artemis dead and buried. 
When incidents similar to the ones Amy did start occurring all fingers start pointing in Artemis’ direction, and three people that want Artemis to come out of retirement. 
Quail City’s super heroes Dark Master and Calypso aka as multi-billionaire Noah Adams and his assistant Vanessa London know Amy’s secret, and also know that she is being set up. Having spent months in a flirtmance with Amy, they are tired of waiting and want both her and Artemis in their bed. 
Hinderer wants to hold technology hostage, but in order to do that he needs Artemis’ assistance, and he will use any methods necessary to gain her cooperation. 

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“People have been mentioning Artemis,” Calypso said. “You wouldn’t have heard anything?”
They knew, Amy thought. Somehow they knew. “No, Artemis isn’t here anymore. At least from what I heard.”
“Damn shame, too,” complained one of the customers in the shop. “Not the Artemis that is playing with the lights and stuff. But the Artemis who liked to help people with their problems.”
“Yeah, I think if someone is behind it, it’s someone pretending to be Artemis, or trying to shift the blame on her,” said another customer. “She may have done some things, but she’d never deliberately set out to get people hurt.”
Amy smiled at the person that made the comment. “I’ve been here all day. But it’s more than the traffic lights. Didn’t I hear that the other day the Financial District was shut down because the money showed at zero?”
“That is something that Artemis had fun with,” Dark Master commented. “Or had in the past.”
“I’m sure that whatever has been happening in Quail City has nothing to do with Artemis,” Amy replied.
“Hope for Artemis’ sake it’s true,” Calypso said. “Williams is ranting and raving in Commissioner James’ office asking for her to be arrested.”
Just bet he is, thought Amy. “Is there anything else I can get you?” Amy asked them. She saw that it was almost six and the last bus going towards her apartment would be there any minute.
“You in our bed,” Calypso said in her ear. “Your blue hair will look glorious on our pillows.” Then out loud stated, “That’s all for now.” 

Excerpt 2 - Not Hot

“Amy? Turn on your TV, now,” urged Ruby. “Why? What’s going on?” Amy grabbed her remote and turned on her favorite news station. “Are you sure you were at work?” questioned Ruby. “Is Artemis back? That’s the question authorities are asking this evening, when money started shooting money from ATMs across Quail City,” the news reporter was saying. “Mom, I swear I didn’t do it,” Amy defended herself. “I believe you. But will the authorities? Or even worse, your father?” Ruby sounded worried. “This almost looks like what you used to do. You just might be seeing Dark Master and Calypso sooner than you think.” “I wonder if that’s the intention of whoever is behind this?” asked Amy. “What if they’re trying to pin the blame on me? Divert everyone’s attentions in my direction, while having something even more sinister in mind? Maybe that’s why they showed up at the coffee shop?” “I’ve thought about that, too,” Ruby admitted. “But why? More importantly, who?” Amy’s stomach flipped when there was a knock on the door. Telling herself that it could be the pizza guy, but knowing in her heart that it was no doubt them. They were here, at her door. About to undo everything she’d accomplished in the shower. “Mom, someone’s at my door.”

Excerpt 3 - Very Hot

Placing her on the bed, Noah took her hands and brought them over her head. Vanessa quickly wrapped a silk scarf around one of Amy’s wrists, Noah the other. Her pussy was so wet she could feel a trickle of the silky wetness down her inner thigh. Bracing her arms on either side of Amy’s head, Vanessa lowered her body on top of Amy’s. Moving her body up and down Amy’s, their breasts brushing against each other, her mouth covered Amy’s as she started move her clit against Amy’s. Amy struggled against the bindings, wanting to wrap her arms around Vanessa. Her legs, still unbound, wrapped around Vanessa’s waist, bringing them even closer together. She couldn’t get enough of the way it felt with their bodies rocking against each other. “This feels amazing,” Vanessa said in her ear, before biting the lobe. Her body moving faster and harder against Amy’s. Amy’s moans grew louder, her body twisting on the bed in an effort to stay grounded. The bed shifted, male lips moved down her neck, his hand sliding between their bodies. “Give in to it Amy. Give yourself over to us completely, we’ll make you feel better than you ever imagined.” Amy stared into his eyes, his gorgeous eyes, and felt her body sinking into the mattress. Letting them touch and taste her everywhere. The bed shifted once again, Amy had never seen anything sexier than Vanessa, as she started rub her pussy against Amy’s again. Their slick pussy lips rubbing brought nerve endings alive that she never knew existed. “Watching the two of you fuck would make an innocent man confess,” Noah said to them. His hand slid between their bodies and rubbed her clit, causing Amy to arch up and scream. She never knew her voice could scream that loudly until now. Her body dropping back into the bed, Noah kissed her, his tongue surging deep in her mouth, touching and tasting her.


What is your writing schedule like?

I write whenever I can. I work full-time in a call center, and write in between phone calls, during breaks and lunches, and on my days off.

Are you a pantser or plotter?

A complete pantser. I wish I could be an organized plotter, I really do. I envy those that can outline, plot out their book then write it. I have so many voices in my head they talk over each other and I have to write out what they are saying.

What inspired your current story?

Like I mentioned, I work in a call center, ☺ The one where I work deals with troubleshooting Iphones for a well-known cell phone company. One day there was a huge outage in Texas, our phone lines were crazy. It was later learned that a fiber optic cable had been cut. I thought what if someone had done it on purpose?

What are you working on now?

I just finished a short for an upcoming anthology this summer, called Summer of Seduction. My story is titled Kassie’s Surrender.

I’m about finally write the book that my readers have been begging me for. The characters have been silent until now.

Leather gear or jeans & t-shirt?

Definitely jeans & t-shirt, the idea of wearing leather makes me hot and not in a fun way. LOL Truth be told, I’d rather wear shorts/t-shirt or tank top.

Blades, guns or magic?

Magic all the way. Not really a violent person.

How many books do you expect to be in this series?

At least one more. It depends if readers want more.

Without giving anything away, what can readers expect from future books in this series?

Well, Artemis may help show the true colors of people that have taken over the country.

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New York Times Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn was born in May of 2014 when a friend dared her to write. Born and raised in Detroit, Mi. Izzy now lives in Oklahoma City with her furchild Misty, the friendliest Chihuahua/Terrier you will ever meet. Currently works in a call center, where she writes in between phone calls.
Izzy loves to keep in touch with her readers. Email her at

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